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our work > news > Using the power of video to share the power of music
Using the power of video to share the power of music
October 29, 2013   West Balkans

Ever since the start of our From Woman to Woman project, the ultimate goal of this project has been  to integrate music and dance as part of the therapeutical support offered to the women in Srebrenica, Potocari and the camps of Jezevac and Visca.

But there is so much more to this, there is the process, the people involved, the smiles, the path to the goal. And the obvious question that followed was: how do we share this with our supporters, with our networks and those who’ve never heard of this project?

And the answer was videos – videos produced by Snaga Žene, our local partner, to document their work in this project, to show us the people behind it, and the people this project is meant to help.


We asked one of our Musicians without Borders collaborator – filmmaker and media literacy trainer – to deliver a video production training for the some of the Snaga Žene staff.

This 3-days training took place between the 1st and 3rd of October, and was aimed at introducing 4 members of the Snaga Zene staff to the use of visual media and technology in order to tell their stories and those of their beneficiaries, to be heard, and, in the process, to be empowered through increased skills and self-confidence.


The training included theoretical and applied sessions such as:

– Introduction to the new equipment and technical instructions, different structural and professional camera framings;

– Composition of Interviews: demonstrating the necessary camera technique and physical positioning of equipment and team members to achieve high quality and contemporary compositions for interviews in a conversational yet professional context

– Microphone and Boom Pole Technique: awareness raising and instruction about the necessity for consistently excellent sound in the group’s filmmaking

– Video editing tools and techniques

– Video storytelling and the role of video tools in sharing stories etc.

We are now looking forward to the first video produced by Snaga Žene, to tell you more than what we can tell in words and pictures about people, music, and healing.