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Sharing From Our Hearts
September 28, 2013  

Amie comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She was arrested and tortured for participating in political demonstrations against president Joseph Kabila. While pregnant in prison, Amie was raped by the prison commander. She was later forced into a truck under a blanket and handed over to her uncle. Knowing her life was in danger, her uncle arranged for her to flee the country to the United Kingdom.


Amie was one of the musicians who performed last Saturday, in Manchester, UK, with a group called Stone Flowers. It was part of a unique program started by Musicians without Borders for survivors of war and torture who have fled their countries and are now in the UK.

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The event itself is only a small part of the work. It is the result of a year-long engagement with people sharing their stories and writing music together, while coping with severe depression and anxiety while trying to settle again after hugely traumatic events in their lives.

Each member of Stone Flowers brought something from their hearts and shared it on Saturday, giving the audience something inspiring and new; new music from different cultures, new stories from different perspectives.

Your support brings a sense of hope and healing to the lives of people like Amie. Whether we are reaching out to a mother forced to leave her children behind who has landed in a country she doesn’t call home, or going to places where conflict remains an everyday part of life at home, we are finding ways to help people find strength and healing through music.

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In peace,

Laura Hassler
Director and Founder
Musicians without Borders