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Music Leadership Training for Palestinian Assistant Trainers
September 23, 2013   Palestine

Today, Musicians without Borders hosted the Music Leadership Training in Bethlehem. Fourteen men and women, including three deaf women, of different ages, backgrounds, and from all over the West Bank,  attended this workshop where they practiced and learned the skills they will need to teach community music to children.  Fabienne started out the workshop doing disparate exercises, such as creating a dance by spelling out their names with different body parts, to get the trainees loosened up and energized.  Derek Beckvold, the newest addition to the Musicians without Borders team, continued the workshop with rhythm and singing exercises.  Derek had the trainees stomp their feet and clap their hands to different rhythms while counting.




Although many of the trainees found the exercises difficult because they were doing many things at once, it was good practice for the activities they will be doing with the children and for learning how to adapt the exercises based on the children’s levels.


Towards the end, everyone was split into groups where they discussed which specific skills they would need for a given activity.  The skills for the majority of the activities included: singing in tune, communication, concentration, appropriate body language, synchronization, listening, group motivation,  keeping the beat and more.  Overall, it was an extremely successful workshop! The group was concentrated, hard-working, motivated to learn and always remained positive.  It was wonderful to see smiles on the trainees’ faces and laughter ringing in the air even when they made mistakes.



By: Savannah, Musicians without Borders Volunteer

Topics: Palestine