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Music Harvest
August 10, 2013   Palestine

Musicians without Borders enjoyed a full day in Bethlehem, as we hosted training and a performance with international, volunteer musicians! This group of six vibrant musicians belongs to Music Harvest, a non-profit centered in Nablus.

Music Harvest focuses on “music, providing access to classes, workshops and concerts to children with fewer opportunities”.  1 Noting the overlap between Music Harvest’s goals and the vision of Musicians without Borders, the cooperation was quite welcomingly inevitable.

On the morning of August 1st, Fabienne led the musicians in a countless amount of activities. Eager to learn, the musicians vigorously took notes and initiated discussion. The purpose of this workshop was to enhance the volunteers’ positions as music teachers and workshop leaders during their lessons with the youth of Nablus.


“Music Harvest can learn a lot from Musicians without Borders; there are lots of benefits [to this cooperation]”, noted one volunteer. Another volunteer was impressed when he saw “how unnecessary words are” when realizing the potential fluidity of leading a room full of children.

Yet on the evening of August 1st, it was Musicians without Borders who were impressed by the musical styling of the Music Harvest group. The group performed in Aida Youth Center for a group of children and interested internationals from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem. With great improvisation skill and contagious energy, these musicians were able to capture the interest of the audience for one enjoyable evening.

DSC03518 DSC03484

Musicians without Borders extends their thanks and appreciation for Music Harvest!

For picturesque moments, check out our Facebook album here or Music Harvest’s album!

To learn more about the great work of Music Harvest, check out their website!

Posted by Kristin Rose

Topics: Palestine