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our work > news > Samba in al-Walejah
Samba in al-Walejah
August 2, 2013   Palestine

Each morning, Muslims observing Ramadan all over the globe awake before the sunrise in order to enjoy the suhoor- the meal eaten before dawn. According to tradition, community members wake their neighbors with loud calls and drumbeats. Yet, in al-Walejah, a small village outside of Jerusalem, the wake up call is done to a unique beat. Three young men call out to their neighbors as one plays the largest samba drum, the Surdo.

This modern, musical twist is just one of the many examples of the inspiring activities conducted by Muhammed and Ahmad. These up and coming leaders were trained by Musicians without Borders and are now successfully leading a samba group in their community.

This group, which is made up by boys and girls has recently performed at a summer camp’s final show. After vigorously preparing for two days, the group made an interactive entrance by marching in front of the summer camp participants, drumming while walking through the audience, and finally onto the stage for their performance. The audience was intrigued by this samba spectacle!

al Wallajah samba summer camp

al Wallajah samba summer camp2

Posted by Kristin Rose

Topics: Palestine