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Not All Songs are Sung
July 27, 2013   Palestine

Musicians without Borders is inspired by Halimeh- an influential young woman previously trained by Musicians without Borders. She is now teaching children with special needs. We recently viewed this video of a sweet girl with Down syndrome performing the song taught to her by Halimeh. What is so exceptional about this song? Well, this song is not sung- it’s signed!  Halimeh is deaf. She learned this song at the Musicians without Borders training, and created lyrics in Palestinian Sign Language.


بتمشي بترقات

بوسط السيرات

احمر اخضر اصفر

    بتمشي سيارات

Translation of Lyrics:

We walk through the street
Surrounded by cars
Red, yellow, green
Cars start driving

Check out and share this video as an empowering representation of music for all and outstanding leadership!

Posted by Kristin Rose

Topics: Palestine Videos