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Samba Trainer Wanted!
June 28, 2013   Palestine

Looking for a change? Looking for a challenge?

Do you drum to a Palestinian beat?

 Are you ready for a life-changing opportunity?


A samba trainer…
We are looking for a professional percussionist with samba experience to coach beginner samba groups in Palestine. The position is voluntary with expenses (flight, accommodation, food, local transportation) covered for two months, starting on the 12th of August 2013.

…to teach talented young Palestinians…
You will work with young people who have drive and ambition but no opportunities. Many young people in the samba groups have suffered emotional trauma, and almost all are deeply affected by the on-going occupation.

…as part of a community music project in Palestine…
Music Bus Goes Middle East is a project of Musicians without Borders and Holy Land Trust. It uses community music to address problems in the conflict-ridden society in Palestine. Our music and nonviolence training projects and activities for children are enormously successful throughout the West Bank. In 2012 we expanded the project with rap and samba activities for youth. We are now looking for a samba trainer to guide the groups in improving their musical skills.

…and make a difference!
Do not underestimate the challenge. You need to be able to maintain control of a roomful of young men and women (age 16-24). Palestine can be a challenging place to live and work because of the ongoing occupation, poverty and cultural issues. You will need to be able to inspire the youths as well as coach them, and display a high degree of flexibility and cultural sensitivity.

How To Apply?
Please send us your CV and a letter explaining your motivation before July 8, 2013. Short-listed candidates will be contacted and invited for a Skype interview with the local project manager.

More Information
For more information or to apply please email [email protected] or [email protected]

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