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our work > news > The kick-off meeting and the first choir practice sessions
The kick-off meeting and the first choir practice sessions
June 3, 2013   West Balkans

Between the 26th and the 30th of May, a Musicians without Borders team traveled to Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in order to finalise the detailed planning of the project, but also to reconnect with the Snaga Žene (SZ) team and with the wonderful atmosphere created by all the women who take part in the SZ’s daily activities in Tuzla.

This was also an opportunity to meet again with workshop leader and talented choir director Almerica Delic, based in Tuzla. During this one-year project, Almerisa will be leading the choir practice sessions for the women who are part of SZ’s in-house program, in order to build up their skills and a repertoire. This choir will then sing with and for the women in refugee camps, and in Potocari and Srebrenica. Our hope is that this will help break through isolation of women survivors, by forging bonds with other local women through singing.

During these few days of our visit, around ten women who visit the SZ house in Tuzla regularly, for therapy and recreational activities, together with three  young and talented SZ staff members, have already had two practice sessions, as part of the choir led by Almerisa Delic.


This was an important first step in the development of this project, as well as a beautifully touching expression of feelings, both through Sevdalinkas (traditional songs from Bosnia Herzegovina), as well as through some from the Global repertoire, such as songs from the African continent.

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