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Showering without Water
May 25, 2013   Palestine

Fabienne and I set out to the village of al-Dreet to go meet with Dawla, a young trainee from the Music Leadership Workshop.  After inadvertently  opting for the “scenic route” we asked the kind community members for directions to the kindergarten until we finally reached our destination. We were welcome by a few students who enthusiastically ran out to the car to usher us into Dawla’s classroom. 

We were greeted by the soft smiles and sunburned cheeks of many kindergarteners, settled cozily into their chairs around the tables made of cement blocks and wooden panels. Witnessing Dawla’s dedication to her precious students was highly impressive. Although she did not have a CD player available to her, she still lead activities that typically require an audio CD. She did such a great job of conducting activities such as the “Water Drop” dance, which mimics the motions of a shower, that a few parents were convinced that their children took a shower at school that day. 

It was very inspiring to witness how much Dawla has reached in her class with such a little resources!

Posted by Kristin Rose
Topics: Palestine