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Huda the Music Leader!
May 16, 2013   Palestine
April 9th was the beginning of the Music Leadership Training Workshop for kindergarten teachers from the South Hebron area. Though the training workshop itself ended after a week, the music leadership has not ceased!
For the sake of sustainability and continual local leadership, Fabienne has planned to follow up with teachers after giving them adequate time to utilize the music material in their classrooms; Sunday was the first follow-up. We set out to the newly donated kindergarten building in Khashem al-Daraj, the location of the training. This time a room full of Huda’s sweet, shy students rather than outgoing teachers welcomed us.
Sometimes when Fabienne checks up on trainees after a workshop, she finds that workshop leaders have struggled to put the new material into action. The obstacles can be due to many different factors, from simply forgetting a verse in a song to being too shy to implement more music in the classroom. At the end of every training week, the trainees receive a list with a description of all the activities and a CD with the music and songs that were used during the training. Rather than leaving the teachers empty-handed, Fabienne makes sure to support the teachers as they work to successfully accomplish the various activities with the children. 
However, Huda’s classroom proved to be a pleasant and unique surprise.
Fabienne prepared to review the songs and activities from the training, so that Huda could regain comfort and confidence. Rather, we quickly realized that each and every activity had already been performed! So instead of reviewing previous material, Fabienne taught Huda a new activity for her wonderful students to enjoy.
 We were so pleased to see the success in Huda’s classroom, as she has shown to be a very ambitious leader and fast-learner! This success story has only increased the excitement to meet up with the rest of our new music leaders!
Much appreciation and thanks to these organizations for making all of this possible: 
World Vision International, Hebron International Resources Network (HIRN), and Musicians without Borders UK.
Posted by Kristin Rose
Topics: Palestine