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Double Trainings!
April 17, 2013   Palestine
Wow, what a busy week for Music Bus Goes Middle East! Not only did we have the delightful opportunity of hosting two trainings, but we also welcomed a guest from Musicians without Borders UK!
The exciting week began with the arrival of Lis Murphy, the director of Musicians without Borders UK. We greatly appreciated her fresh skills and perspective at both trainings. Her natural leadership and passion for community music were highly beneficial. Together, Lis and Fabienne brought an energy that composed empowerment for many blossoming Palestinian leaders. 
Lis & Fabienne leading in Bethlehem.
Each morning we ventured to the hills of South Hebron to host Music Leadership Training Workshops for kindergarten teachers from the different villages and Bedouin communities from the area. The women who participated in the training boasted the youthful joy of the children they teach. Warm smiles and fits of laughter accompanied this busy week of music activities, discussion, and singing.
By the end of the week, not only was there an increase in the number of participants, but there was also a noticeable increase in confidence, comfort, and charisma- all of which are important attributes required for leadership.
Each afternoon, we journeyed back to Bethlehem to host the Assistant Trainers Training Workshops. Simply upon entering the room, one could feel all of the energy offered by the diverse team of leaders: youth and adults, men and women, deaf and hearing, as well as refugee camps and isolated villages from the North and the South.  Together, the team helped encourage one another as they constructively built upon their existing gifts of leadership.
This solidarity was very visible throughout the course of the whole week, but particularly when each participant gathered the courage to lead his or her own activity with the group. The varied styles of leadership accurately reflected the unique personality of each participant.
During these months that follow, we are enthusiastic to see how all of these leaders use all of their newly founded skills and talents! A note from Lis Murphy:
“My week training MwB assistants in Bethlehem and women in South Hebron was really inspiring, informative, and moving. I felt privileged to meet so many people doing fantastic work in very difficult circumstances. We enjoyed learning vocal exercises, playing music games, sharing songs from around the world and writing our own songs. There is a huge need for the work of Musicians without Borders in Palestine. To be a part of supporting people to continue to care for and educate children and young people was a fantastic experience.”
Thank you so much to Lis Murphy for your time and lovely leadership!
A great deal of thanks goes out to the following people and organizations for making all of this possible: Dr. Felicity Laurence, Artists for Gaza, World Vision International, Hebron International Resources Network (HIRN), Mwb UK, and MwB International. We welcome you to learn more about  Musicians without Borders UK  here.
Posted by Kristin Rose
Topics: Palestine