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The School Song
April 5, 2013   Palestine
After much anticipation, I am happy to share with all of you the lyrics of the inspiring song that came from the hearts and minds of the passionate Palestinian youth. With the amazing translating skills of Mohammad and Hisham, rap workshop leaders from Dheisheh refugee camp, we now have the musical narrative of the youth’s experiences in school.

Ahmad from Dheisheh camp while recording verse 1

Though it was saddening to hear of the pressure felt by the youth in school, it was even more so inspiring to realize the desire of the children to transform their schools to be as enlightening and empowering as possible. As Mark Twain once said, “Never let formal education get in the way of your learning.” 

Verse 1
It’s seven in the morning, and I’m awake
I get dressed, I wash my face, and I brush my teeth
I put my shoes on
I start running so that I’m not late
Scared of the teacher
He’ll scold and punish me due to my violation
Instead of teaching me respect
He insults me saying, ‘you’re a donkey!’
That’s how the school day starts
The first class is pressure
The second class is pressure
The third class is pressure
And suppression on my chest
Verse 2
I am waiting for the break
It’s a chance to breathe
In the class you just sit
Not allowed to state your opinion
Not allowed to express your ideas
You’re told to just close your mouth
It’s a system of indoctrination
Is this type of learning for my benefit?
Or is the benefit for someone else?
If the manner of the teacher makes me hate history and science
Then teacher, teach us mathematics
Do not treat us like animals
Encourage us to study
Encourage us to understand
Do not create fear of the courses and exams
Verse 3
I study eleven different subjects
315 minutes of school,
but yet no music class?
There are 40 students in the classroom
But not even one teacher who is fair
I wish for a teacher who can deal with all levels of learning without distinguishing
I need motivation to reach my highest intellectual potential
That’s correct that we don’t have any extracurricular activities
But I truly have real talents
Take care of these talents
Develop these talents
So that one-day, you and I can celebrate it
We encourage you to support the youth in their intellectual ambitions and musical efforts by listening to and purchasing this powerful song at


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