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A Beautiful Message for Pretty from Halimah
December 13, 2012   Palestine
Halimah, one of the MwB trainees, is deaf. She has recorded the message above in sign language for Pretty. Pretty is one of the youth leaders from Rwanda Youth Music, the MwB program in Rwanda. She has fallen ill and trainees from other MwB projects around the world have written letters to Pretty, wishing her fast recovery and sending her love.

The following text is an interpretation by Magedah and Fabienne:

“Hello. This message is for Pretty.
My name is Halimah. I am from Palestine.
I take the music training.
When I started, I wasn’t happy and I was afraid, because I thought I can not do music.
But when I continued the music training I succeeded and I became happy.
The music training gave me more trust and I thank everyone that works in this music project.
I pray always for you Pretty that you will get better.
Don’t be sad or worried.
I want to see a picture of you.
And I want to meet you, insha’allah, when you will be healthy again.
Bye, Kisses!”

Thank you Halimah for your beautiful message, and thank you Magedah for translating all the workshops into sign language!

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