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Music with deaf, talented children
July 19, 2012   Palestine

Yesterday night I tried to arrange a bus to bring 16 deaf children and their supervisors from Hebron to Bethlehem. I called my friend from a village nearby Hebron, and he asked me why I wanted to spend money on bringing the kids all the way to Bethlehem in this heatwave. Why didn’t we, the music workshop leaders, travel to Hebron to give the workshop there? Although our initial plan was to arrange a trip for the kids I started to doubt if it was a good idea to let the children come during one of the hottest days of the summer. But as soon as I arrived, I knew we had made the right choice! Somehow the hall in the new building of HLT was filled with a very positive energy, and for two hours every single person in the hall seemed to radiate with happiness and love. Except for the bus driver maybe, since he spent most of the time sleeping in a corner. Thank you Prelude Foundation for the transportation and Kareema for the pictures!