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July 8, 2012 •• Palestine Community Music
Can I Stay in the Hospital?

I want to go home…”

When Fadi from Aida refugee camp entered the hospital room of a 12-year old girl with cancer, he found her crying because she wanted to go home. As a volunteer for Basma Society, Fadi often visits children with cancer in a simple hospital. Equipped with a red plastic nose and a funny doctors outfit, Fadi sings, makes jokes, and gives the children and their mothers a break from their harsh reality.

Fadi brought a guitar and let the girl play on the guitar. Together they created music and a friendship. When they finished playing, the girl asked Fadi if he could come the next day again. Fadi told her he wasn’t free, but he could come the day after. “Mama, I hope I will still be in the hospital after tomorrow so we can make music again!”

The following pictures were taken today, when we visited the hospital together with volunteers from the Basma society to play music with other children. We were happy to hear that the girl from the story went home again!

Doctor Clown Fadi thank you for all your beautiful and important work with these children!