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Congratulations! Mabruk!
June 16, 2012   Palestine
During the first week of June, the third Music Workshop Leader training week took place in al-Azzeh refugee camp, Bethlehem. 19 Palestinian trainees from all over the West bank participated in the HLT/MwB musical and nonviolent leadership training 2011-2012 and received a certificate.

The last activities in the training week were two music workshops given by the trainees for children from al-Azzeh refugee camp. The workshops were very successful! The children, the mothers who came to watch, and trainers, were all smiling. But during the evaluation of the workshops it became clear that it had been a difficult experience for some of the trainees: we only hosted 60 children in total, while there were many more kids in the street. The children that hadn’t manage to enter tried to do so anyway by pushing and pulling, throwing themselves on the ground, or on the guard next to the door. They banged on the doors of the workshop space, and even threw a broom through an open window. It was difficult to see how desperately these kids wanted to enter the room and participate in the music workshop, especially since we couldn’t let them all enter. At the same time, this experience gave us motivation to continue our work, so more and more children can join the music workshops in the future!

Thank you MwB trainers Hanno and Sherwin, project manager Ahmad, and translator/co-coordinator Fuad, for this unforgettable training week. And to all the trainees: it was great to work with you this year and I’m very much looking forward to continuing doing music together!

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