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December 19, 2011   Rwanda
Hi everyone,
First of all, I would like to share with you some words WE-ACTx youth leaders wrote about the upcoming project:Joseph: “First of all, we can not believe this. This music is important for me because before starting to do this music I was depressed and had many fear, I lost my future’s hope but when I started to do this activity immediately I started to feel happiness in my heart and to create friendships between each other. That’s why I can say that this music it takes one big part in my mind and for my health.”

Joseph, WE-ACTx Youth Leader

Aime: “Music is a symbol of friendship for us in our country, and it will help us to create a new image between us it will help us also to be released from depression in order to have a better future. So, I think we will learn how to teach the others including our parents who are HIV+ in order to show them that they have a value for themselves and for their country.”

Aime, WE-ACTx Youth Leader

Joint voices: “Let’s rise up our hands to fight depression, stigmatization in order to have a better future for us and our neighbors without fear for saying that you have HIV+, and talk about our health status openly like any other medical situation, music is our first bridge to reach this goal.”

The problem is that this project is not happening. At least not yet. We are dependent on fundraising, which is so difficult these days. That’s why we have decided to try using the idea of crowdfunding — we present the project to the good people of the world and hope that many individuals will donate and so make the project happen. After two and a half weeks we managed to raise $4,600 from 50 people, and there are 45 days left. This is barely enough, and we fear that we will not reach the goal of $15,000 just to begin with the project in February.

We need your help! Please spare ten-fifteen minutes of your time, and send the link to your friends a family.

Thank you so much

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