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August 25, 2011 •• Palestine Community Music
"If You Can Sing Together, You Can Live Together"
Today no pictures of smiling children dancing and singing…

Three MwB trainees traveled with nonviolence trainer Ahmad from HLT to Austria to take part in a project of the Austrian NGO 5 Colours 1 World.

Together with the other participants, they represented eight different countries: Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, The Netherlands, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, and of course Palestine. Ahmad gave training in nonviolence while the trainees performed rap during the final event and gave a workshop in body percussion. In addition to training in filming and editing, they received also training in subjects such as discrimination, stereotypes, gender, nonviolent transformation of conflicts, racism and xenophobia.

During this training, it was the first time that music workshop leaders from Palestine could meet their colleagues from Bosnia-Herzegovina. They have expressed their wish to meet and cooperate again in the future.

You can watch the inspiring short videos that were made by the participants on the following links:

The website of Peace Dialogue published an article about the project that you can read here.

Thank you so much for everyone who made this project possible, especially Stuart Jolley and Gregory Kennedy-Salemi. I’m incredibly proud of our Palestinian team and can’t wait to see what other beautiful things they will create in the future!