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Traveling again, the project continues
July 2, 2011   Rwanda
In 4 weeks I will travel again to Africa. And like last time, the flight will be my personal time machine, taking me to a continent so distant in its pace, life style, and mind set.

But the year will be the same year, and the world will still be the Earth we know. Internet and Facebook and Google are words well-known in Rwanda, but not as much as war and AIDS and malaria. I remember last time during a bus trip in the countryside we watched Rwandan men and women, young and old, some with babies swaddled on their backs, digging a hundred-kilometer-long trench at the side of the road. They were preparing the ground for fiber optic lines that would carry the Internet signal from Kenya to Rwanda.

Maybe when the Western world meets the Rwandan child in the virtual world it will re-discover the continent that it has forgotten decades ago. A continent overflowing with beautiful landscapes, beautiful music, and beautiful people.

This time I will work only with HIV+ youth and children in Kigali, Rwanda, as part of the yearly summer camp organized by WE-ACTx.

Here’s a video from last year, taken in Kampala, Uganda, during a workshop with the orphans at Empower African Children’s house.

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— Danny

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