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Using music to bridge divides, connect communities,
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.
May 1, 2011 •• Palestine Community Music
"I Saw Fear in the Eyes of the Children"
Music workshop in Burin

Today is the 6th time that we are giving music workshops in the Nablus area.
Mohamad, Seereen, Amira and I enter Awarta village when we hear lots of shooting just next to our car. Mohamad is brave, gets out of the car and asks someone what is going on: “Nothing special, the Israeli soldiers are just practicing their shooting!” Aha. Good to know.
We continue to the first kindergarten where we start with the music workshop. Two more workshops are given in Awarta and Burin, a nearby village.
Seereen couldn’t describe better what we all felt today:

I can not describe my feelings for those villages: Bureen & Awarta. It’s heaven places on the ground…I hope go there again and again ♥ 
Settlers and the Israeli army in all Nablus’ villages and specifically Bureen& Awarta are spreading fear, panic and horror between people, I saw it in the eyes of children.. yaa I saw it 🙁

To learn more about the situation in Awarta, you can read the following blog entry about Awarta from Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh.

The following pictures were taken during music workshops in the Nablus area:

Mohamad gives a rap workshop for 300 girls in Tall
Hisham and Anas check the music before they start the workshop in Beita
Girl from Beita performs a theater show
Girls from Beita dance
Girls from Beita tell a story
Music workshop for 50 girls from five different schools in Beita
Naji conducting
Little girl conducting
Music workshop in a school in Huwara
Music workshop in a kindergarten in Huwara
There is no place in this kindergarten!
At least outside there is lots of space!
Music workshop in a girls school in the Old City of Nablus
Music workshop in a kindergarten in the Old City of Nablus
Music workshop in a school in the Old City of Nablus
Music workshop in a girls school in Tall
Music workshop in one of the kindergartens in Awarta
Music workshop in a kindergarten in Burin
The weekly music workshops in the Nablus area are made possible by the generous support of CeKaTe Foundation and executed in cooperation with Holy Land Trust and Palestinian Medical Relief Society.
Already 1000 children took part in these workshops!
Many thanks to the wonderful trainees that gave the workshops: Amira, Anas, Anaya, Ahmad, Fadi, Hisham, Khaldoun, Mohamad, Naji, and Rena