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PLACE Palestine
ESTABLISHED October 2008
We implement programs using music as a tool for community building and social change, in partnership with Sounds of Palestine.
March 9, 2011
Visit to HLT
Part of the MwB training is a series of six workshops in nonviolence by trainers from Holy Land Trust.
During these workshops, the participants discover and discuss the meaning of (non)violence, communication techniques, deeper listening skills, body language and leadership.
The fifth workshop was about change: why or when do we want to change, what do we want to change and what are the challenges we face?

We decided to change the sixth and last workshop, and take the group outside to plant olive trees next to Aida refugee camp. Everyone was very excited about this planned trip so we were all disappointed that due to the rain the tree planting event was canceled.

Ahmad Al’Azzeh, one of the nonviolence trainers, came up with an alternative plan: we made a visit to the wonderful meeting room of HLT, had a breakfast together and spent our time discussing and presenting three interesting and important issues:

1. How can music be integrated in nonviolence?
2. How can music workshop leaders deal with difficult cases? (a child that dies, a mixed group of children with special needs, etc.)
3. How can the most vulnerable women in the society be reached? (and who are the most vulnerable women?)

The different questions were discussed in small groups and later presented to each other. We all learned a lot from this workshop, hearing the different opinions and helping each other to find alternatives of dealing with difficulties during the music workshops.