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March 24, 2011 •• Palestine Community Music
Special Rappers

As every Wednesday, I enter the room where six teenagers with special needs are waiting for their music workshop. But today I’m not alone! Saud from Bethlehem and Ahmad from Dheisheh refugee camp join me. Because they can offer the kids something I can not….
Rap and beat-box!

Saud taught us the basic beat-box sounds, while Ahmad showed us how to rap a simple text about our daily lives. When they performed a rap song together, Haneen and Ra’fat immediately reacted by laughing loudly and Salem put up his thumb.

Even Issa, the youngest one and easily distracted, was drawn into their music and did not move his wheel chair for a moment.
Thank you Saud and Ahmad, for showing us how we can express ourselves and make music just with using our voices.

And please come again….because it will be hard to tell the kids this was just a one-time-only event!


Thank you Catherine for making the pictures!