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Another Music Workshop in al-Ma’sara
December 2, 2010   Palestine
On Monday the 29th of November, six military jeeps entered al-Ma’sara village. The Israeli authorities delivered demolition orders to a mosque and the owners of two homes in al-Ma’sara.
Two days later, MwB in cooperation with HLT gave another music workshop to the children in al-Ma’sara, offering them a moment of relaxation and a safe space to express themselves.
The workshop leaders were welcomed by the wonderful staff of the kindergarten and around 30 children were already waiting for the music.
MwB trainer Fabienne gave the workshop with Seereen from Dheisheh Refugee Camp and Amira from al-Azzah Refugee Camp. Both women are receiving music training from MwB and non-violence training from HLT. The benefits of the non-violence training were clearly visible during the music workshop in al-Ma’sara. Seereen and Ameera used positive body-language and non-verbal communication, and managed to create a safe environment in which all the children could participate and express their creativity.
Some impressions of the workshop leaders:

Fabienne: ”I was positively surprised to find out that the children remembered the song we sang during the workshop two weeks ago. Not only did they remember the song and the movements, they sang with much more confidence than last time. Later their teacher told me that she had repeated the song many times during the last two weeks. I was very happy to hear this, realizing that the music workshops have much more impact on the children if their daily teachers continue with the material we offer them.”

Amira: “About the workshop today, it was nice and I really liked it, especially the kids they were so cute! And if you ask me if I want to repeat it again the answer will be ‘of course!’ because I really love to work with such children.”

Seereen: “It was a great time spent at al-Ma’sara’s kindergarten. It was a really good chance to know and discover a village in my country that I had never heard about before. I’m really interested to participate in the workshops from MwB and HLT and to give more workshops to the children.”

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