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SOS Stories and Wild Animals
September 3, 2010   Rwanda
Workshop with kids at SOS Children’s Village Kakiri

The music workshops in Kakiri and Entebbe SOS Children’s Villages were wonderful. The international organization SOS Children’s Villages is celebrating 61 years of existence. In Uganda there are three villages in Gulu, Kakiri and Entebbe, home to 440 orphans or children at risk, and reaching 2500 children in the communities.

SOS Children’s Village Entebbe

Check out their local websites:
Facebook: sosougandafriends

SOS Children’s Villages Kakiri

Fabienne has developed a theory that links between the children’s exposure to violence and their eagerness to carry our stuff around. The connection seems far-fetched, and it might be a statistical mistake, but until now the observation cannot be denied. In Gulu, kids even took and carried Fabienne’s shoes and scarf. Maybe it has to do with their need for attention and affection.

SOS Children’s Villages Entebbe
SOS Children’s Villages Kakiri

Entebbe lies on the shores of lake Victoria which attracts countless species of birds and other animals, namely a giant bone-crushing human-eating spider.

An Ugandan spider on our way to work

Okay, so the spider is the size of your palm, but on first sight you would also believe it could eat you. Here is a collection of other wild animals we have encountered on our way walking to the music workshops:

And some more wildly adorable children during the workshops:

And the daily quiz: How’s this weird animal called? Does it have any bird friends? And why was it punished with a 6kg worth of beak and forehead?

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