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Tuzarwubaka! We will rebuild!
August 14, 2010   Rwanda
On Wednesday we were sitting in Kigali in a meeting with Global Youth Connect, when we heard the explosion of the deadly grenade attack some several hundred meters away from us. If it happened in Jerusalem or Amsterdam, the news would probably reach every reader of this blog, but Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, a country in Africa, which is the continent that the world likes so much to forget. We hope that this country that is rebuilding so beautifully after the terrible genocide will not suffer from more attacks like this last one.
Here is a recording of the song of rebuilding Rwanda that was written after the genocide, sung by the HIV+ children and youth leaders of the WE-ACTx summer camp during the final show. The song was accompanied by a dance with sticks that we have developed together with the youth leaders.
Tuzarwubaka, abana babanyarwanda
Turugire nkaparadizo
Kwisi yose we
Na [NAME] barwubake
We will rebuild!
We will rebuild, the children of Rwanda
We will make it like paradise
And the whole world
And [NAME] will rebuild
We will rebuild!
(for [NAME] each time they sing a name of another child!)
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