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August 9, 2010 •• Rwanda Youth Music
Finally Some Audio! Singing During Our Cyangugu Workshops

As we promised, we finally upload some audio files extracted from the videos. Unfortunately, the Internet connection here is too slow to upload videos, so you will have to use your imagination… we do provide photos taken from the videos to help you!

This post has 3 music files recorded during our workshops in Cyangugu, on the first week of our trip.

1. A song that the young participants of the youth training sang for us.

 Click here to listen/download the audio file

2. The song that was written by one of the groups during the exercise to write words to a given melody, and to adjust the melody to their own musical tradition.

Sing along!
Nkunda kuririmba iyo ndi mubandi
ngashishikazwo no gukina nabo
bimara imibabaro yanjye yose
(a missing line)
I love to sing when I’m with others
I’m encouraged to play with them
it helps to take away all my sorrows…
 Click here to listen/download the audio file

3. The famous Sima-ma-ka song, sung by more than 200 children in the St. Mathew’s Primary School, during the music workshop (you can hear our incredible companion, Ephraim, who was filming, singing and encouraging the children!)

 Click here to listen/download the audio file
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