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Second Day of Training In Cyangugu
July 21, 2010   Rwanda
Today again we woke up to the singing of fishermen. Danny is almost convincd to try fish, and meanwhile insists on posting another fishermen photo, this time in action:
Morning Call: Fishermen at Work
After a short breakfast and a glance into Big Brother Africa house, we continued another 4 hours and finished the two-day training for youth ages 17-22 in Cyangugu, a district on the border with Congo. In one of the activities we asked the youth to write words in their own language Kinyarwanda to a song we taught them. They also changed the melody a bit.
Fabienne leads an activity during the training workshop in Cyangugu
Here is what one of the groups came up with:
Nkunda kuririmba iyo ndi mubandi
ngashishikazwo no gukina nabo
bimara imibabaro yanjye yose
Which means in English:
I love to sing when I’m with others
I’m encouraged to play with them
it helps to take away all my sorrows
We also have a video of them singing, and we promise to upload it when we get better Internet connection.
Danny teaching the trainees a dance during the training workshops in Cyangugu
In the end of the workshop we had a short feedback session. We asked them about the needs of the people and local communities so we can better understand if and how Musicians without Borders can assist in the future. They all expressed the urgent need for a project where youth can be trained to work with other youth and children because of the high percentage of orphans and genocide survivors. They said that they can use music as a tool to forget and to deal with the terrible things they had gone through, and to be away from the sadness and sorrow, and to feel free…
The trainees in Cyangugu during the training workshop
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