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April 13, 2009 •• Palestine Community Music
Who we are

We are 15 trainees, age 16-25, from Aida, al-Azzeh and Dheisheh refugee camp.

After the first trainings week in October 2008, we started to give weekly music workshops for children in our refugee camps, guided by Fabienne van Eck (local project manager). Every week we sing, dance, drum, make music and play with the children. Their happiness and enthusiasm gives us the motivation and inspiration to continue and organize extra events for the children, like day trips, (rap) song recordings and participation in cultural festivals.

The weekly workshops for the children are given in Aida, al-Azzeh and Dheisheh camp, in three different cultural centers:

Aida camp

Trainees: Ahmad, Fadi, Maher and Ramzi

Al Rowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center:

Al-Azzeh camp

Trainees: Khaldoun, Merna, Naji and Osama

Beit Jibrin Cultural Center – Handala:

Dheisheh camp

Trainees: Anas, Ahmad, Bassam, Dia’, Hisham, Mohammad and Yusuf

Ibdaa Cultural Center:

We come together regularly for workshops in music, non-violence, communication and games, given by Rana Hayek from Holy Land Trust ( and the trainers of MwB.